For years I’ve been thinking about the many challenges facing small and medium sized companies who really want to migrate all their servers and applications to the cloud.  Performance is one factor, and that’s constantly been improving.  Support and services will always be needed of course.  But the real obstacle has always been cost. Questions that I get from our clients are what are the real cost for cloud migration?

Say you’re a typical small company with around 50 people.  And you’re using the typical business applications, like Office, QuickBooks, VOIP PBX or custom application system.  You want to move it all to the cloud.  You’re attracted by the benefits: access anywhere, better administration, better security, maybe a reduction in tech support.  But at some point when you get sticker shock:  moving everything to the cloud will still cost you about $80-$100 per month per user for managed services.

Let me remind you; for a 50 person company that’s almost $5K a month. And, learning about this numbers it turns off clients.  You should instead do complete analysis of the situation and not just look at the numbers. As I have been noticing, over the years the costs has come down consistently.

We have converted few of our clients’ complete systems to the cloud, Servers, Accounting system, web applications, Phone systems and desktops. We were able to achieve higher security, flexibility, and user productivity and satisfaction at similar or slightly higher cost then managing it all in house.

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