The cyber security threats has rapidly gained traction and is expected to have fast growth in the coming years. Organizations are in dire need of solutions which could help them identify, protect, and respond to cyber threats. This requirement has arisen due to the increase in network connection, processing, and high dependency on the Internet. Cyber security is one of the alarming concerns in many critical verticals such as Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, government, and healthcare; especially small and midsize businesses.

The cyber security solutions are also gaining traction in small and medium businesses. The availability of cloud deployment options for cyber security has given a boost to the demand for cyber security solutions in small and medium businesses. Therefore, mobile security and cloud security are the upcoming focus for the cyber security market. In the years to come, this trend is anticipated to continue leveraging cyber security solution and service providers to offer more innovative solutions to cater to the need of the cloud security required in various verticals. Increasing usage of mobile data for various purposes like social marketing, and mobile banking has made data more vulnerable to cyber threats, and loss of privacy.

Introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) like connected homes, to tele medicines has opened various opportunities for hackers to attack at various end points and devices, resulting into increase in cyber-attacks. Apart from this, the growing number of mobile workforce, in support of trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), increased cloud-based services, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) present additional liability. Apart from these, factors such as the need for unified cyber solutions, strict compliance and data disclosure mandates, risk over maintenance of sensitive data, emerging cloud computing, and enhanced enterprise mobility are boosting up the demand for cyber security solutions.

Cyber security technologies and solutions are changing due to the changing threat landscape, where threats are becoming smarter and damaging. The cyber security market consists of various categories of technologies and services, applied at various levels to protect an organization and user’s personal and professional data from cyber threats.

One thing that remain constant is the need for experienced resources and automated tools to continue monitor and react to the threats as soon as it becomes noticeable in the environment.  Most companies lack the experienced resources that can help mitigate these risks. At CloudX, we are cognizant about the facts of the real threats and provide guidance to small and midsize businesses on how to mitigate risks. Take a look at our cyber security services portfolio. We also provide comprehensive training to individual consultants to perform many of the services that we provide. In the long run, automated services are the key to reduced cost and mitigation to perceived threats. Let us know if we can be help to your organization.