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About Us

Why choose Cloudxsol?




CloudX solution is unique firm concentrating in the Cyber Security and Compliance solutions. Our experience based strategy is core of our professional services and advisory practice. We are team of subject matter experts in the cyber security strategy, risk management, compliance, governance and IoT. Our consultants have implemented business solutions using appropriate technology to align best results concentrating in return on investment, productivity gain and business growth and competitive advantage for our clients.

We are an unique firm dedicated to providing real-world experience and proven solutions on Cyber Security solutions, technology and tools deployed in production environments at the similar organizations.



This approach will enable firms to achieve:


• Significant time saving when selecting new  technologies

• Help improve your security posture
• Make decision on proven technology and solutions
• Provide unbiased advice
• Share best practices with predictive results





What we do?

CloudX solution is the provider of consulting and advisory services firm. We are firm believer that any advisory services that we provide should be transparent, simple and implementable. We’ve prided ourselves on making sure that the work we do gets implemented and it makes a difference for our clients.

For us, finding a solution isn’t enough. We always strive to see it through so our clients can see the reflection of the impact of the solutions for their business.