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Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence practice is unique and provides testing of your security posture, privacy and regulatory and governance needs utilizing virtual environment of your existing IT landscape. We create a replicate of your environment in a virtual lab, help you simulate different threat metrics, create attacks and potential remediation. Based on the security tools and data captured by the logs we help create a predictive analysis and machine learning to take appropriate rule based actions without human intervention.

Cyber Bot

A Cyber Bot is the tool available to conduct a thorough cyber security posture of your existing environment. It provides a methodology that transforms and enhances the capacity of your threat risks.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is utilized to manage and predict your current risk factors to identify any potential problems. We use log data and 3rd party threat metrics to analyze your potential risks.

Machine learning

Machine learning is concept being used to automate the response using a rule engine without human intervention or perhaps for notification of the identified problem. Machine learning has many use cases and can be implemented to automate process to enhance productivity, contain cost and quality.