Awareness Workshop

Being a Cloud Security and Compliance company, we believe that Cloud services potentially will affects every aspect of an organization’s IT department. In this awareness training courses, you will learn to evaluate and assess the business and technical benefits of cloud computing, gain the foundation to analyze cloud applications for use in your organization, and learn how cloud services can provide efficient solutions to technical, business, and administrative challenges and help you gain productivity, cost savings and efficiencies.

What do you learn:

• How to choose the rights solution
• Exploit the benefits of the different cloud service models: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
• Leverage services provided by the major public cloud providers
• Best practices of different cloud services
• How to configure cloud services to achieve security and compliance needs of your business
• Apply tips and best practices when adopting the cloud

We  also provide these Lunch and Learn awareness training programs to enhance the awareness of your people to embrace as you move to your cloud journey!

– Cloud best practices
– Security and Compliance challenges
– Office 365 best practices
– IoT best practices
Call us to discuss how you can host us for Lunch and learn session for your business.