Recent Job Opening

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Join CloudX Solutions and help transform organizations on their way to the cloud. We are unique startup with focus on strategy, security and compliance; our unique capabilities and client engagements and the way we collaborate, operate and deliver value provides an unparalleled opportunity to grow and advance. You’ll help our clients —transform their technology infrastructures using resources that range from cloud, data centers, network, IoT devices, Analytics applications in view of security and compliance

Working closely with our clients, Consulting professionals design, build and implement strategies that can help enhance business performance. They develop specialized expertise-strategic, industry, functional, technical-in a diverse project environment that offers multiple opportunities for career growth. While the specific type of consulting work they do can vary, it generally aligns to management consulting, systems integration consulting or technology consulting. Typically, Consultants work at client sites, which requires travel.

Career – Join the Tribe

Are you an experienced Individual with mindset of an independent consultant?  Join our tribe to receive back office support, opportunity to grow and association with growing brand of professional advisors. We are looking for individuals in area of Cybersecurity, Cloud services, Compliance and Governance and IoT. Submit your resume.

Reason to Join CloudX

Shared Commitments

The CloudX represents individual consultants with SME capabilities sharing their experiences around use cases and solutions for our clients. We help mitigate risk of committing to the products and tools that don’t meet business requirements and needs or don’t perform to requirements for business productivity and growth.  For us to succeed as a business and/or individuals; we need a shared commitment. On our part, we provide that back-office support for the individual consultants to be more successful.


Any Individual to be a successful consultant, they need pipeline of projects. Joining the tribe, we provide that support.

Team work – We is better than Me

CloudX is based on the Crowdsourcing of Subject Matter Experts. It is an Individual commitment to a Group, that’s what make team work a great company.