Cloud Strategy

Our cloud strategy practice comprise of four elements where we provide a full cycle of your existing posture to recommendation on cloud solutions and help you migrate to the right cloud technology with security and governance adherence. Our methodology is to use a five step process: Assess, Select, Implement, secure and maintain.


We identify and outline the existing enterprise IT landscape in terms of technology, business use cases, financial ROI, Security, compliance and governance needs, performance, licensing a user experiences and map it all to the desired cloud requirements.

On your assessment report our team of Cloud experts will provide you best options to which cloud model to use focusing on business drivers ranging from Technology consolidation, business expansion, and cost reduction in operational burden.

Cloud solution selection

We use our proven strategy to help our client select the right cloud product based on the business requirements, functional requirements, Security and Governance needs and aligning it with existing proven cloud capabilities by comparing the products and scoring it to select the best possible solution.

Application Migration

After performing the pre migration readiness assessment on your current IT environment and workload prioritization along with process for internal policies, security, backup and DR strategy, we execute a through and seamless migration of datacenter or application to the cloud without any impact on the live environment. Change management protocols are observed all the time and communication with every team involved is essential part of our migration process to achieve best results.

Security and Governance

Security and Governance optimization offering audits against best practices to find compliance and security gaps in your current cloud deployments. We leverage the power of automated compliance, governance and security tools to follow over 150 plus audit checks to assess your current security and privacy posture. Our assessment checks are put together leveraging industry best practices from NIST, COSO, CIS, Amazon and Microsoft best practices.

Our assessment reports are based on proven implementation practices. We can provide guidance to your team how to remediate or perhaps perform remediation for you. We also identify and implement automated governance tools to remain compliant.