Internet of Things (IoT)

When it comes to Internet of Things we work with our clients with scope definition, Proof of concept, implementation, testing, implement security and monitoring, we are true end-end Solution Company with a Focus.

Device Selection

There are many devices when it comes to IoT, which device meets the requirements of your business, As a firm you can invest lots of time and effort and go through the selection process or you can use our experience based approach to work with you as a team to select and implement the right devices in your environment.

Solution Design

IoT includes may use few to many devices within the environment, if not designed correctly, you may not be able to harvest the potential benefits it was intended. We create a solution design to correctly align the balance for all your devices with maximum efficiency, productivity and security.


Many of our clients have already implemented Internet connected devices and overwhelmed with operations deficiency, security and noise created by the vast amount of data it generates, being prohibitive to achieve the best value of the investment.

We provide assessment of the existing environment, find the gaps and align it to work in harmony to produce the results that aligns with your business requirements and client’s needs.

Data Analytics

Connected devices are the most efficient at cost savings, predictive analysis, and informed decision making when it captures and produces the precise data feeds. Connected devices captures many data points and creates a vast amount of data and it becomes difficult to identify signal from noise. We can help you design a systems to analyze the data feeds to your advantage and get most of your investment.